What Remote Monitoring Can Do

There are many types of remote monitoring packages and software throughout the internet, but here is what Protocol16's monitoring package can do:

Protocol16 can monitor workstations and servers to ensure that Windows and Antivirus updates are installed. We can also monitor your hard drive health to attempt to stop a surprise situation where your hard drive just dies. We also monitor a few services on workstations to ensure they're functional.

For servers, specifically, we can monitor your services to ensure that your software stays up and running. This means that Protocol16 can alert you when your database goes down, at any time.

If you require specific monitoring, please contact us to see what we can do for you. We offer some of the fastest pro-active computer repair and monitoring in Portland.

Remote Monitoring Packages

There are two specific monitoring packages that Protocol16 offers. Workstations(home desktops fit in this category) and Servers.

Workstation Pricing:

4.99 a month, per machine - We monitor the Windows logs, hard drive stats (space available, drive Status), antivirus status, Windows update status, hacker check, system uptime and when the last reboot was. Checks are performed every 30 minutes. Notifications about problems on workstations are emailed to your chosen alert address anytime during normal business hours.

Server Pricing:

$19.99/mo, per server - We monitor everything in the Workstation category above as well as:

  • Server Services for IIS, SQL, Exchange, etc.
  • Bandwidth, TCP/IP, website checks (only hosted on the server monitored)
  • Additional Services and logs not checked with workstations.

Checks are performed every 5 minutes. Notifications about problems on servers having problems are sent out the moment we receive an alert. At that time, you can choose to have Protocol16 arrive on site to fix the problem, remote in or correct the problem yourself.

How Protocol16 Monitors your Computers

Ever wonder what type of software is installed on your computers to monitor them? Some companies will tell you "just a small piece of software" and leave it at that, not us.

If you decide that you would like remote monitoring of your workstations or servers, Protocol16 will install a "small piece of software" that monitors various aspects of the Windows Services, Registry and general settings to include TCP/IP (network communication) as well as file sizes and access dates. This means that we can get an overall picture of your workstation or server very quickly. On top of this, we can monitor, Applications, Databases, Email and Websites hosted on the server. Lastly, we also performAsset Monitoring, which allows us to see all the hardware and software on the server and Workstation - all in one simple package.

That being said, the software we utilize creates packets of information. That information is sent to us every five or thirty minutes, depending on if it's a server or workstation. There is also a Remote Control client that accepts connections to your computers only when you are physically logged in an accept that connection. This ensures that no one can connect to your computers without you knowing (There is a secondary way, but we can talk about that in person).

Lastly, our software is a small 1.1MB. Not even enough to noticibly see a change in disk space on today's hard drives. We also make sure that our software doesn't cause problems with your server.

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